Here’s what our clients are saying about Landmark Inspections…

“We have had 3 previous home inspections before and this is by far the best. Scott is definitely among the top 1-2% in the business of home inspection!

Professional Attributes:
1. Very clear and detailed explanation
2. Extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of home inspection
3. Provides a top-notch bonus handbook on home maintenance
4. Provides a list of estimated home repair costs (at no additional cost!)
5. Achieved highest home inspection certification from ASHI
6. Helps estimate longevity of equipment (suggests number and not part of the job of home inspection.)
7. Carries the pride (good form) of a world class inspection
8. Writes on home care blogs and professionally active online

Personal Services:
1. Extremely patient
2. Can explain very complicated concepts in simple terms
3. Attention to details
4. Knows how to really LISTEN to customer
5. Follow through execution

You better book him in advance in the busy months! Overall, just as people select heart surgeons in which we only want the best among the best, Scott’s home inspection is definitely a MUST if you are investing in the biggest asset of your life — your home!” – Joel C.

“From start to finish Scott from Landmark Inspections exceeded our expectations. He spent over 3 hours patiently going through the property with us explaining all of the detail along the way. He gave us the option to follow him around while he did the inspection which was great since we are first time homebuyers and have never been through this process. Scott pointed out all of the items along the way and explained to us why they needed repair or were a safety hazard. He was very knowledgeable and it showed through his inspection and feedback on the home. In addition to the boilerplate inspection checkpoints, Scott offered us anecdotal stories and maintenance tips to consider for the home. We really enjoyed this extra information and now have better knowledge of what to expect when buying the home. Scott delivered a very thorough report including pictures the same day via email. This was very much appreciated as we only had a few days to ask the sellers for repairs. Honestly, with the amount of time that went into the inspection and report I am surprised that he didn’t charge more. I would recommend Scott to any of my friends and family and will definitely be using him again in the future. He’s a true professional in this industry.” – Holly G.

“Scott Freeman inspected the home I was purchasing as if he was purchasing himself. The amount of thoroughness and detail to attention was impressive. He explained everything in detail with a report. During the inspection he explained everything as well. Scott’s knowledge and experience is second to none. He was very professional and straight forward. I would highly recommend him.” – John J.

“We were thrilled with Scott! He was very thorough and organized. He explained everything as he went through the house and talked to us about different options we had as homebuyers. He gave us a binder to keep all our information in and gave us some tips on taking care of a house. We were able to negotiate all of the recommendations he gave us. We were very happy with him and would recommend him to anyone!” – Jamie G.

“Scott was awesome. Not only did he re-arrange his schedule to make sure he could help us out on the day before Thanksgiving,  but he was punctual (showed up before I did), very professional, very thorough and allowed me to follow him around while he explained what he was doing and why he was doing it. When we received his report, it included everything that we’d discussed as well as detailed photos and a thorough write-up on how to move forward. I would highly recommend Scott to any friend or family member.” – Ryan H.

“The home inspection was very thorough and well done. Scott/Landmark Home Inspection LLC gave us a fantastic price on the job.  After viewing the property, it appeared that the job was bigger than expected.  However, Scott stood with the price quote and did a wonderful job for us. Scott spent the whole day with us, checked everything the weather allowed, encouraged us to follow him around, and patiently answered all our questions and concerns.  From making the appointment to delivering the finished report, Scott consistently answered our phone calls and emails promptly and was always professional and courteous.  He clearly enjoyed doing the inspection and took pride in his work.  We are completely satisfied with the home inspection Scott performed and wholeheartedly recommend Scott/Landmark Home Inspection to all our friends and neighbors.” – Tracy C.

“Scott Freeman of Landmark Inspections LLC provided a full inspection of the property I was looking to purchase.  He checked the detached garage, got up on all roof surfaces (in the rain) and in the crawlspace/attic and checked everything necessary. I knew I was in good hands when I showed up a few minutes early and Scott was already there ready to work. There was no “I’ll be there between 2 and 4.” Scott said he would be there at 3 and was punctual. Before we even got into the inspection, Scott laid out the steps of what he was going to do.  I was also provided a nice binder that detailed some basic knowledge of home-ownership (things like heater and water heater maintenance) and had a calendar that suggested what should be maintained and checked at the start of each season.  Once I received the written report of the inspection, I included it in the binder.  It is a great keeper for all things home-related. Scott told me right off the bat that I was welcome to follow him around as he worked over the next 3 hours (and he used the full 3 hours.  I was not shortchanged).  I’m happy I did, as he was more than happy to tell me everything that he was seeing-good or bad.  In addition, Scott answered any and all questions I asked. I never felt any question I brought up was a “dumb question” as Scott was more than courteous and willing to engage in conversation. It truly was a great learning experience for me. I have previously owned a home and had an inspection done.  The inspector worked alone and was in and out the door.  I didn’t even realize how bad that service was until Scott and Landmark Inspections showed me just how different and educational the process could be. I will be recommending Scott Freeman from Landmark Inspections to ANYONE I know who is purchasing a home. I’m the type of person who rarely writes reviews like this. To me, the best way to combat bad service is to not use that service again.  On the flip side, I think great service deserves to be recognized.  Though I don’t plan on moving again anytime soon, I will be holding onto Scott’s card and will not think twice about using him again if I need to.” – Frank L.

“I was referred to Landmark Inspections from my realtor. I talked to Scott Freeman on the phone to set up my appointment. Scott was extremely professional and pleasant when talking to him on the phone. The next day I received an email from Scott with the information that he talked to me about along with the contracts and agreements attached. Also, in the email I received a photograph of him which made me feel safe because I knew exactly who I was looking for when we arrived at the location. Scott was very kind and took the time to talk to me about the things he found on the inspection. He also invited me to tag along and ask questions or concerns along the way. He also made you feel like I was a close friend or part of his family making sure everything was safe and perfect! Scott was very understanding that I brought my father and brother in law because I am not the handy type nor do I understand a lot about the makeup of house technology (wiring, outlets, plumbing, etc.). The price of the inspection was high but well worth it in my eyes if you are getting someone as awesome as Scott!!! Landmark Inspections will be recommended by me!” – Kyleigh B.

“Scott performed a home inspection and radon testing. He also coordinated Advanced Termite & Pest Control, Inc. to inspect for wood destroying insects. Scott was caught up in traffic and thought he might be ~10 minutes late for the 9:00AM appointment. He was very courteous and called well ahead of time to give us notice. He showed up only a few minutes after 9:00 and began his work. Rich from Advanced Termites and Pest Control was already on site doing his inspection. Scott was very informative and thorough in his inspection. He walked us around and showed us a few items he found. One thing I thought was unique is that for repairs he gave low and high estimates for common repairs in an information binder. He does not refer companies to make the repairs. I respect this as it shows he is honest and not gaining anything by finding issues. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone buying a home. If we ever buy another house you can guarantee I will call him back!” – B. Cush

“Scott was very professional and thorough with his inspection. He explained all the steps he was taking and gave great information on the issues he found. The format of the inspection report was nice, with many pictures and detailed descriptions of the issues. It also contained a lot of general home maintenance tips and a DIY booklet covering just about anything that might come up around the house.” – T. Weinmann

“Scott performed a home inspection, water adequacy test and radon test. Scott did a great job. He was very thorough, walking me through his findings as he found them. He took pictures of the trouble areas and highlighted the specific areas on his final report. He maintained excellent lines of communication from setting up the appointment to providing me with the results. He is a consummate professional and comes highly recommended.” – T. Beane

“This is the first time I ever had to go through a home inspection, so this was all new to me. Scott Freeman from Landmark Inspections was on time to the site, actually he was early, as I arrived about 5-10 mins. early and he was already there and inside the home waiting for me and ready to go. Scott was very professional and friendly. Since I never went through this before, we sat down and he explained everything that he was going to do that day with the inspection. Everything from inspecting the exterior of the home and land, walking on the roof, as well as the interior, basement, attic, etc.  I also received a very professional binder that had TONS of information regarding the inspection, as well as a lot of common home owners’ problems. There was also a price list that had information on what the costs associated with maintaining, repair & replacing a lot of homes’ most common items (heater, central air, water heater, etc.). Scott explained that the inspection was going to run up to 4 hours & he was not kidding as I walked the majority of the inspection with him. As we walked, Scott pointed out everything that could be a major issue down to the littlest issue. Scott would stop to explain what it was that we were looking at, as well as the severity of this issue & even costs behind their repair or maintenance of these items. After almost 4 hours we were finished. I sat down with Scott at the end, and we spoke about the items we found this day as well as the report that he would send out first thing Monday morning regarding the inspection. As he said, there was the report Monday morning when I opened my email. The report was very detailed with tons of pictures pointing out the items in need of repair. I would highly recommend Scott Freeman and Landmark Inspections as it made my day a lot less stressful than I anticipated it to be.” – Josh B.

“Scott performed a home inspection for us, and did a fabulous job! Scott was professional, punctual and prepared. As first time home-buyers, there was a lot we did not know or understand. Scott took the time to explain things in detail, explained differences of quality and told us what he was inspecting and why. He was awesome!” – R.K.

“Scott thoroughly inspected the house I am in the process of buying as well as testing for radon and organizing a termite inspection. I found Scott through the recommendation of my Realtor and could not be more pleased with the service. As a first time home buyer it was really reassuring to me that he took the time to explain everything he was doing and everything he found. He frequently asked if I had any questions and I feel really comfortable that even though my home is over a hundred years old, I am armed with the knowledge of all things that need to be fixed both now and in the future. He also provided me with a binder that will undoubtedly be referenced multiple times. I would recommend Scott and Landmark inspections to anyone!” – Jessica S.

“Scott thoroughly inspected the property we are in the midst of purchasing. Scott went through every room and level of the house the complete exterior and on the roof. He inspected the plumbing, heating, appliances, windows, exterior issues, garage, outlets, switches, so on and so forth. Over the course of a few hours we went room-to-room and around the entire property to look for any issues, safety concerns or areas in need of repair. Scott was able to uncover several determining factors in our bid for this property. Areas of concern were discussed throughout the process and explained in simply and thoroughly. Overall, Scott did a fantastic job inspecting the property. This was the second time using Scott, and we wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.” – D. D.

“Thorough inspection of the home, outside and inside. Scott was great. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly. An overall great experience. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great home inspector. Thanks Scott!” – Charles C.

“Scott provided us with a complete home inspection on a property we are purchasing. It went very well.  Scott made the process so much easier and explained everything in detail. I have heard stories of other inspectors and was pleasantly surprised how thorough Scott was. He was amazing and answered all our questions we had.” – Jennifer D.

“The service was great!! We used this company in the past and I turned my house upside down just to find their information so they could do my inspection again. The only thing I can say is go with this company. Do not think twice, the price is right and the service was great. Most importantly, the inspector (Scott Freeman) is very nice and knows what he is doing! Wonderful!!! Very satisfied!! Sometimes I would be hesitant to do anything with the house without my husband, but I knew Scott Freeman would tell me everything!” – Victoria B.

“Scott performed a full home inspection, including roof, deck and basement. Being my first house purchase, I was very uneasy about the inspection process. However, Scott’s professional demeanor and openness to answer my questions helped me navigate through the process with ease. He arrived punctually and did not waste any time in getting to work. He was very thorough on the inspection, including the roof and basements, took plenty of pictures and did not hesitate to explain the issues one by one with me even before producing the formal inspection report. I was very impressed with the quality of the final report. It was provided in a very comprehensive format, with clear pictures of all items of concern and categorized as ones that needed repair versus others that were of future concern. As a Buyer, this allowed me to prioritize what issues needed immediate resolution from the Seller prior to closing.” – L.E.

“Scott Freeman of Landmark Inspections performed an inspection of the interior and exterior of my home. Scott was very professional, personable, thorough and informative.  He left no stone unturned and took the time to explain everything he was doing and why he was doing it while in a display of thoughtfulness, wore shoe booties while inside the home.  This is my first home buying experience and Scott made me feel very comfortable with the home inspection process.  I left the inspection with a peace of mind and assurance that the inspection was done by a qualified professional. I’m glad I chose Landmark Inspections and absolutely recommend his services to anyone in need of a home inspection!” – Vena S.

“Scott provided a full home inspection. It went great. Scott is professional and extremely educated. I am a real estate investor who has used Scott many times in the past. In my opinion Scott may be one of the best. He is always punctual and reliable and extremely detailed in his work. He has found problems in some of the homes that we were unaware of that have saved us from making bad investments. Scott’s analysis is always detailed. In my opinion he is educated in his profession. I absolutely recommend Scott from Landmark Inspections for your home inspection.” – Michael D.

“Landmark Inspections performed a home inspection, radon test, and wood damaging insect evaluation for me. I contacted Landmark Inspections to perform a home inspection on a house that I am purchasing. I asked him to do the home inspection, wood damaging insect inspection, and radon test. Scott was very professional and answered all of my questions prior to me booking him for the inspection. He explained to me that he himself would not perform the insect inspection but he had an entomologist (scientist who studies bugs) that he works with who will perform that test. Landmark Inspections was the second company I called from a list of 6 companies that I compiled. I chose Landmark for a couple of reasons. First, they were about $50 cheaper than the other company that I considered going with. Second, I like that fact that the person I was speaking to on the phone and who was answering my questions and concerns was going to be the guy that was performing the inspection. He was not going to send a guy out, he assured me that it would in fact be him. I appreciated that. Finally, I liked the fact that he worked with an entomologist and not just some exterminator looking for bugs. Scott was very professional and very thorough. He answered all of my questions, and was even able to “dumb down” his answers so that I knew what he was talking about. Since this is my first house and I had a ton of questions, he wanted to make sure that I was educated and knew what was going on in my future house. I had a great experience with Landmark Inspections and would definitely use them again.” – Patrick R.

“Scott performed a home inspection and radon test. Great. Scott was very thorough and checked every inch of our prospective home. It is a large, old home and it took almost 6 hours! Scott continued to meticulous check every room of the home until the very end. He found some significant issues that will be helpful as we settle on the property and make it safe for our family. He was professional and his report was extremely detailed. While walking through the home, he willingly educated us on what he was seeing and how we should care for the property.” – Diva M.

“Scott from Landmark Inspections inspected a potential home that my husband and I want to buy. He inspected everything from the roof to the basement and everything in between. Scott was fantastic. Not only does Scott do his job as an inspector but does a wonderful job of explaining what he means when he points things out that may need to be addressed. This is extremely helpful especially when you are buying your first home. Scott took the time to walk through the entire home with us. He inspects every visible place in the entire home. He also gives you an idea of what things you may need to budget for in the future. In our case, a new or water heater and air conditioning unit. At the end of the review Scott gives you a binder with tips for maintaining your home, average costs of repairs to the most common parts of the home and other useful information for homeowners. Then no more than three days later you receive a very detailed report of the inspection via email. The report includes pictures of issues along with descriptions of each issue and recommendations for them. Again this is extremely helpful for home buyers going to the settlement table. All in all, a great experience with Scott from Landmark Inspections LLC.” – Shawn G.

“Scott was professional, courteous and punctual. His assessments seemed thorough and he did an excellent job explaining each of his findings to us as he went. As if that weren’t enough, his report is top-notch for both clarity and depth. I feel much better armed going into negotiations with the seller knowing that what Scott found during the inspection won’t come back to bite us in the end. Thanks, Scott!” – Deborah B.

“Landmark Inspections provided a home inspection during the home buying process. The owner of the company, Scott Freeman, provided the inspection. I needed a home inspection – and wanted it completed as soon as possible. At Landmark, Scott answered the phone and checked his schedule and made an appointment in just a few minutes, and within a few days. His rate was competitive and he had a solid record of experience. He arrived promptly – provided a thorough inspection, and was very communicative throughout the process. Landmark is very professional. The Home Inspection written report was available within 24 – 48 hours of the visit. It included a Radon Test and evaluated the “fixes” in priority of attention required. I would highly recommend this company for your Home Inspection and I would not hesitate to use Landmark again. A complete thorough home inspection was done as well as a radon test.” – Connie F.

“Scott was very detailed he went thru the home with a fine tooth comb. Everything from small to large was checked to make sure it is operating as it should. He also gave good pointers and maintenance tips that will help me along the way as a new home buyer. Overall, I was very pleased with the professionalism as well as the wealth of knowledge Scott exudes. Both were helpful in understanding and going over the details of the home.” – Kareem H.

“Scott performed a detailed home inspection and radon inspection. For a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo, Scott meticulously examined every inch of my home with a fine-toothed comb for two hours. Scott allowed me to shadow him throughout the process and provided easy to understand details about the function and upkeep of every appliance in the house. In addition, Scott explained how to maintain everything in the house from the studs in! What could have been an overwhelming process for a first time home buyer was very calm, informative, professional, and exciting! Scott’s positivity and warm demeanor made it easy to trust him immediately! Prior to the home inspection, I had called him several times with questions, which he answered immediately. No matter what time I called Scott, he answered his phone and was appreciative of me calling him with questions. As a first time home buyer, Scott answered every question with great detail and offered a binder complete with important information about maintaining a safe and efficient home. His professionalism and approachability made this experience very satisfying and knowledgeable. I will be using Scott again for every home I purchase in the future…and so will my family!” – Lisa C.

“Scott did a great and thorough review of our potential new home. He was on time, friendly and knowledgeable. He came with a prepared binder with info in regards to owning a home, the potential cost of fixes and lifespan of major appliances/systems. I would use his service again.” – John S.

“Provided a full home inspection – very detailed. Scott was great!  He was patient and answered all of those pesky questions that we had.  Not only was he doing his job but he made this a learning experience from the start!  I feel comfortable and confident purchasing my home after having it checked out by Scott. Thank you.” – Bethany H.

“Mr. Freeman was very thorough in his inspection, taking his time to tackle each area of the home. I felt that the inspection went very well, and the inspector was more than willing to explain not only his findings, but to answer any questions that we had along the way.  Our understanding of the issues and the priorities of rehabbing those issues became clear through his explanation.  I am pleased that we chose Mr. Freeman and his company.” – Jenna M.

“As a first time home buyer, I wasn’t exactly sure what to look for in the house as far as safety or any hazards that needed to be addressed. Landmark Inspections performed a very thorough inspection of the house capturing every crack or creak that needed to be addressed. They explain the problems to you as they find it and make recommendations as to how they can be fixed. They emailed me a typed inspection the next day. The report was extremely detailed but simple enough to be understood by anyone. The report was also accompanied by pictures which helped a lot.” – Kevin P.

“Inspector was very thorough. Gave helpful tips along the way. Answered all my questions & took his time.” – Donna N.

“Landmark Inspections performed a home inspection on my potential new house. Scott from Landmark was very professional from the first call right through to the end of the home inspection. He followed through on every promise, from getting back to me, to setting up the appointment. His price was fair, and the service thorough. Scott was on time, actually early for the appointment, and did not leave until all of my questions were answered. I have purchased several houses in the past, and was recommended Landmark from my realtor this time. I will be using Landmark for all of my future inspections and would recommend them to friends or family members.” – Sam B.

“I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and accommodating our needs and coming out on a Sunday. Scott did an incredible job! I truly appreciate his thoroughness and thoughtfulness. I highly recommend Scott, Landmark Inspections for any home inspection needed.” – Chelsea W.

“Hi Scott, Thank you so much for the final inspection report – very thorough, particularly with all of the photos and arrows! I would like to very much thank you for all of your time on Saturday, and especially for your flexibility with changing the date of the inspection with rather late notice. We will most definitely recommend you to anyone looking to buy a home – we were very pleased with your work. Many thanks again!” – Jennifer F.

“Scott from Landmark Inspections came out to inspect a potential home that we wanted to buy. When I first called Scott to get an inspection done I was a little confused about timing (I thought I only had 3 days to get it done). He thought I should call my realtor back because that time frame didn’t sound right to him and he didn’t want me to pay extra money if I didn’t have to. When I finally got the right date, I called him back and he was able to fit us in on a Wednesday, which is my and my husband’s only day off. He called to confirm our appointment and was punctual and professional. He allowed us to follow him around the entire time and ask any questions we wanted. Scott was extremely helpful. At the end of the inspection he sent us home with a whole binder full of information on keeping things in a household running smoothly and how to fix potential problems ourselves. I hope I don’t have to get another inspection done for a while but I know when I do, I am calling Scott from Landmark Inspections.” – Tabitha G.

“Examined the property inside out, from sidewalks all the way to the attic and every question I had was answered. The inspection went very well and very educational. I learned a ton of different maintenance tips, things to look out for and many other things to take care of.” – Anthony R.

“Landmark performed my home inspection, radon testing and coordinated a pest inspection at the same time. Scott was very responsive and flexible. He was able to work within our tight time frame and returned his report very quickly. He responded within hours to a few follow up questions I emailed him and he did a thorough job.” – Greg Z.

“Scott was the 4th Home Inspector I called and right away I knew I had found the right guy. I got his details from Google. He was really organized, friendly, well informed and available on the day I needed him. He performed an excellent and thorough service, doing a detailed check of every inch of the home, and explaining as he went. Scott is the guy you are looking for in PA or NJ. Don’t look any further.” – Warwick P.

“The inspector was awesome. Went through the whole house, let me follow and ask questions (even some that probably were not intelligent). He was thorough, and addressed all of the issues I had concerns about. The inspection was great. At the end of the inspection he revisited all of the issues and areas that he thought needed to be checked out.” – Alicia B.

“My wife and I had the opportunity to have Scott as our inspector for our first home. We weren’t sure what to look for or even what to expect especially as it was an older home (and again our first home). Fortunately Scott was extremely professional and a joy to work with. He was very knowledgeable and thorough. He explained potential problems and even some general maintenance issues. He even provided a great binder with useful information and a home maintenance book. Due to inclement weather (snow), Scott could not inspect the roof on the day of our inspection, however he inspected the roof by walking it a few days later when he came back to pick up the radon test. Having Scott as our inspector made the whole process really easy and stress-free. He is very well versed in homes and also very personable. He truly went above and beyond what was expected of him and we can’t recommend him enough.” – Tim & Diana P.

“Scott from Landmark Inspections performed a home inspection and radon testing for the new home my wife and I are buying. After getting a referral from a friend I work with, I decided to call Scott and have him perform our home inspection for us. He was very prompt and more detailed and thorough than I ever could have anticipated. He provided a very detailed inspection binder for some do’s and don’ts and also estimated repair costs for any type of costs involved in home ownership. The inspection report he provided was extremely detailed and easy to read and understand. Scott was very extremely professional and also a very nice personable person to work with. I would highly recommend him going forward in the future to anyone I know.” – George L.

“Scott from Landmark Inspections was fantastic!!! He was on time, very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He answered any and all questions and my wife and I were very pleased with his work. Best money we have spent in a long time!!!” – Kevin B.

“The home inspector was very knowledgeable and answered any questions and concerns that I had about the property. He started the inspection outside in the front of the house then worked his way inside looking at the interior/exterior and taking pictures of items on the home that were deemed as a safety issue or were in need of replacement or repair. Overall was very satisfied of the job that was done. The home inspector was very thorough and knowledgeable of the things that he saw and put into the report.” – Summer B.

“Thank you again Scott for such a thorough home inspection! It was a pleasure and we really appreciate that you answered all of our questions, showed us everything, and provided us with a very detailed report. This will help us as we make the necessary repairs and upkeep. We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends. : )” – Jenny R.

“We received our second home inspection from Scott Freeman of Landmark Inspections LLC and he is by far the best and most thorough in the business. He is an absolute professional. He was on time, and completely prepared for every facet of home inspection possible and even those we have never anticipated. His report was extensively detailed; filled with pictures of each issue with recommendations, and delivered within 24 hours. We would absolutely hire him again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector. You truly get your money’s worth with Scott.” – Patrick A.

“I used Landmark Inspections for a home inspection and radon test for the new property that I am purchasing. Scott was very thorough and professional. He inspected the house from top to bottom. He walked me through the whole process explaining what he found along the way. His inspection report is very thorough and comes with tips on maintaining my new home. I was very happy with Landmark Inspections. Scott was referred to me by one of my coworkers who was very pleased with the inspection he performed on her home.” – Donna D.

“Scott Freeman did a full home inspection. He looked at everything. He basically covered every inch of the house from what he could get to. He made it up in the attic and checked every rafter and beam. Checked all the wood throughout the house. All the electric work, all the water pipes were all checked. Great job! I couldn’t have asked for him to do any better. The price was great for what he did for me. I was surprised as to how detailed he went into covering every inch of the house he could. Then he emailed me a report of everything he had seen with pictures and went into great detail on everything. It was definitely worth the money.” – Ryan P.

“Everything went well. Inspector was very patient with me and was very thorough. Great at explaining to a young first time home buyer.” – Maria E.

“Scott Freeman completed a home inspection for a house I was going to purchase. My experience with Scott Freeman and Landmark Inspections was excellent. Scott’s attention to detail and thoroughness surpassed my expectations. His evaluation allowed my family to make critical decision before purchasing our home and help dramatically with negotiations. My wife and I would not hesitate to refer Scott to our family, friends, and clients. If you are reading the review… Stop… Pick up the phone… and retain Scott Freeman!” – Daniel M.

“Home inspection, from the condition of the entire roof, exterior, including all items from air conditioners to additions of any kind. Entire interior, from every appliance, window, electric to ceilings/walls and floors. It went very well. He kept us informed of everything, and made sure we were verbally aware of everything, and asked if we had any questions. We received our inspection within 24 hours.” – Carmela M.

“Scott Freeman performed a home inspection on a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home we are seeking to buy. He was prompt to arrive, friendly, and very comprehensive in his evaluation of the safety of the home. He gave us a binder to explain all the terminology, but also explained everything in person. He was easy to understand and simplified everything. Scott arrived on time. He walked us around the house, going over the exterior of the home. He then walked us around the inside and allowed us to follow him the entire way. He asked us questions and felt comfortable answering ours. He explained the cost to us well beforehand so we knew what to expect. When he was finished, after a period of about 4 hours, he walked us through the major safety issues so we could look for them in the report for a full explanation.” – Phillip D.

“Scott performed our home inspection. Scott went through our potentially future home with a fine toothed comb. He took his time and performed a thorough and detailed inspection. He walked us through each area/item that he was inspecting and discussed the issues and potential issues that he came across. Scott’s inspection revealed some major issues that were not documented on the disclosure provided by the seller. I would recommend Scott to anyone needing a home inspection, and if the deal with this property does not go through, I plan to use Scott again on our next home inspection.” – Liz M.

“Home inspection and radon testing was performed on Saturday and I received my Home Inspection Report in clear detail by the next day, Sunday…very professional and efficient. Overall, the home inspection was very good. He arrived early and provided professional and courtesy service. He showed different areas of the home that would need repairs and answered all questions that I had pertaining to the problems of the home. Also, I received a full home inspection report the next day.” – Pamela G.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Freeman who was very professional and extremely attentive to his duties as a home inspector. Scott took the time to inspect every detail of the new house I planned to purchase from the exterior of the home, to the roof, entire inside of home and the attic. Scott went over every detail of his findings w/me & spoke in a language that I understood without a lot of “home inspection jargon”. I am very pleased with his services and plan to definitely tell a friend…Scott was punctual & precise which are deal breakers in my book!!!…..Scott is the BEST!!!!!!!,,,If you are reading this when you are done make your call to make an appointment w/Scott immediately!!!!!…you will not be disappointed!!!!!!! one word……………….Fantastic!!!” – Tonya L.

“Scott was FANTASTIC. He was very thorough and responded in a very professional and prompt fashion. He did a thorough home inspection for a home under contract.” –  Kelly G.

Here’s what REALTORS® are saying about Landmark Inspections…

“I have been working with Scott since he began doing home inspections years ago. He is thorough and knowledgeable and has great patience in answering the many questions asked when working with first time buyers. His reports are easy to read and broken into sections that don’t frighten or overwhelm buyers. He’s always available to answer questions and gets back to you quickly. The best reference I can give of Scott is that when I was selling my daughter her home, there was no one else but Scott that I would use. If you want a reliable, knowledgeable and caring home inspector, you would be doing your buyers an injustice if you recommended anyone other than Scott.”
– Larry Steinberg – Broker Associate, era, AHWD, CREN Keller Williams Realty, Medford

“Picking the right Home Inspector is a crucial part of the real estate transaction. Scott is always highly recommended by me to clients. Purchasing a home is generally the largest investment a person ever makes, therefore I need to make sure my clients are protected and well taken care of. Scott’s level of professionalism is top notch. His inspections spare no attention to detail, are comprehensive and delivery of reports to the client are quick. Scott Freeman is high on my list of recommended personnel guiding buyers and sellers through the transferring of Real Estate. You will not be disappointed with his level of professionalism and service.”
– Steven J Tamburello – Real Estate Agent, Century 21 Alliance, Cherry Hill, NJ

“I have been working with Scott Freeman of Landmark Inspections for several years now. Not only has he been professional and helpful but all of my clients love him and love how thorough he is. He is not an alarmist and is great at approaching how to handle any issues that come up in the houses he inspects. He provides tips, maintenance ideas and great resources to help out the clients. He is very prompt and responsive. I would highly recommend agents and clients to use him in their transaction.”
– Michelle Konefsky, Realtor – Sales Associate, Keller Williams Realty, Cherry Hill, NJ

“I highly recommend Scott Freeman of Landmark Inspections. Scott is knowledgeable and thorough and it translates to his home inspection report which is detailed and easy to read and understand. Best of all, he provides the home buyer with a maintenance information book which is the best I’ve seen. It details basic home repairs with easy to follow directions and illustrations. My clients have been very satisfied with the service Scott provides.”
– Gail M. Cahill, ABR, SFR – REALTOR®, Century 21 Alliance, Cherry Hill, NJ

“Scott, Thank you for giving a thorough home inspection for my clients. You conduct yourself very professionally, and I can tell you take pride in your work. Also, your in-depth knowledge of home systems, safety, structure and function really put the buyers at ease… and myself as well. As a realtor I am comfortable with your findings, and have confidence in your ability. I’m glad to say that I will be adding you to my master list of preferred vendors. It’s not easy to make my list! The people I refer to my clients must be top notch because it’s a direct reflection of my business as well. You can plan on hearing from me in the future. Once again, thank you for your service. Talk to you soon, and thanks again.”
– Christian Seemuller, REALTOR®, Prudential Fox & Roach, Moorestown, NJ

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